The Essence of Taiwan

NOTE: Taiwan has more than one island. What you see below is Taiwan's main island. Please don't call it "the island." And please don't call it "an island," either. It is actually inaccurate to call it an "island country." So many people including the native Taiwanese make this mistake. I also used to say "the beautiful island country" or something, and then I stopped. This will be explained later on in this page.

Mother's Name is Taiwan

The First Part:
Introduction and the "witness testimony" on his innocence.

After I learned that Chen Shui-Bian attempted suicide in June 2013 last year, I was led to writing about the injustice done to him.

I want to share my tears and feelings for Taiwan publicly on my site, and because it seems that many people are confused about Taiwan or don't know much, I want to write an article on Taiwan that maybe people will finally understand after reading...

That Chen Shui-Bian would attempt suicide in June 2013 was the saddest news I have ever heard last year. I cried all night that day. I was very shocked and sad, especially because I knew that Chen Shui-Bian has always been innocent.

I knew of his innocence all along since Day 1 in 2006... through a sudden, strong "6th sense" feeling I felt that one day that year.

Even though I don't watch the news, I didn't know what happened, and I didn't really know who Mr. Chen is at that time, I was feeling very sad this one day in 2006 when people around me started talking badly about him.

That sudden feeling I strongly felt in 2006... it told me everything about Chen's case.

I wished I could tell the people around me what I felt, but I also knew they would not listen to me. I had no one to tell my feelings and worries to.

The intuitive feeling that I felt strongly... today I still remember well... is of a very tricky situation.

It "told" me these things during that moment:

  1. He fell into a trap. This is a very tricky and complicated one that he might not ever be able to get out of for his life.
  2. This is a trap mainly set by China. This is a very tricky and complicated set of situations and traps. The truth of this case might not ever be able to be revealed to light forever.
  3. This is a case of China doing tricky things behind the scenes again. Even though I did not really know who Chen Shui-Bian was at that time, ever since the "6th sense" feeling occurred, I somehow started thinking about the "Taiwan is a country" thing being ruined by both China and many native Taiwanese who don't firmly believe that Taiwan is, in every way, a country.
  4. Chen's soul was crying and helpless. He fell into this trap, and even people who should believe his innocence became cold to him. People became harsh to him, and his soul is feeling helpless. His heart is crying, and the "evidence" of his "crimes" are very solid.

I also suddenly "saw" an image, in my mind's eye, of President Chen on a kind of stage. He was on a kind of platform, and there is a crowd of people. It is a "performance" in a pressurizing atmosphere.

The "audience" are against him about something. Everyone there thinks Chen is a horrible criminal.

It is one of those situations where people demand an explanation from you by logic and reason, and you are in a circumstance where your innocence cannot ever be communicated through words.

As Chen's "stage performance" comes to an end, he leaves the stage for the end of his "show."

I might have also heard Chen's cry, from his mind, for help. It sort of feels as if I could hear his cry, yet I also did not hear it... but then I also did.


What was very relieving and shocking was that I discovered information about someone called Hong-Bing Yuan (袁 紅冰) who was able to obtain solid evidence of the truth behind the cases.

When I learned the details of it, I was astonished at the accuracy of my 6th sense reading in 2006 about Chen Shui-Bian's case and the very tricky set of traps mainly planted by China.

I did not know exactly what the traps are, other than that it is "so tricky that maybe the truth of this case might not be discovered forever" thing, and I could feel how tricky the certain kinds of traps are, even if I may not know the details.

Discovering the information was one of the most profound mornings I had in November of 2015.

Chen Shui-Bian is not in jail any more and he is currently under house arrest. He is "safe" now.

However, this is NOT the "solution."

If you read my Former President Chen Shui-Bian is Innocent! article, then you should know that the situation is more complicated than you might have thought and that I have a dream here.

In the introduction paragraphs of the President Chen page, I wrote about my... dream. I was teary-eyed when I wrote that part.

I do not fully trust many "supporters" or "voices" of Chen Shui-Bian, and I said the reason in the introduction part of my President Chen article.

There are the times when I thought someone was supportive of President Chen and then I tried to talk about it one-on-one in person, all to see the person suddenly showing signs of being "cold" or disinterested or even hatred for President Chen.

If I had not done it one-on-one with some of them in person, I might be forever brainwashed into thinking that the person is supportive of President Chen.

I am glad to discover the truth, but it also bothers me that their coldness to President Chen is hidden very well, especially when the person happens to be an advocate for and helps President Chen.

It bothers me that it is not obvious and maybe many people will not be able to clearly see it... but because I was lucky that I tried to do it one-on-one in person to BE able to see it.

However, it is also not that shocking for me to learn the "hard truth" because my instincts DID pick up something about them, but I used my logical mind and reasoning instead.

It seems as if no one wants to talk about Chen Shui-Bian; his innocence does not get enough attention. The Chen Shui-Bian case is probably one of the most important things to redress for Taiwan yet people don't seem to realize this.

It seems as if the people of Taiwan believe that other things are needed for transitional justice, and seem to think that the Chen Shui-Bian case is not as important or maybe "not needed."

However, the truth is farther from that!

I believe that raising awareness of the Chen Shui-Bian case is one of the most important things for Taiwan!

Actually, the most important thing for Taiwan.

Not just talking about the judicial violation and the double standards, but the REAL truth. The whole thing behind the United States government and the Singaporean government, and the truth that Chen Shui-Bian is completely NOT corrupt!

What happened to the basic principle called the "presumption of innocence"?

Any person who doesn't realize that President Chen is completely NOT corrupt never seemed to have ever applied the presumption of innocence.

All they have is "evidence" that is of the hearsay nature, especially hearsay evidence from sources that are credible or official or that many of the people they speak to acknowledge it.

When I ask for SOLID evidence, they are always unable to provide it and yet STILL divert the discussion to indirect rumors and unable to directly answer the questions I ask them!

Almost as if everyone doesn't want to FACE the TRUTH — the truth that their belief that Chen Shui-Bian is "not completely innocent" is wrong!

Almost as if people don't want to FACE the truth that Chen Shui-Bian is completely innocent!

By solid evidence, I mean evidence that would stand up in court.

If you do not have evidence that can stand up in court, then you do NOT have the right to say that President Chen is "not completely innocent" or "dirty" or "corrupt."

I saw the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" but it seems as if people who saw that and claim that there IS "solid proof" or "facts" that he is guilty all overlook the meaning of that phrase — with a sense of hatred or apathy!

Then there are times when people say that "the only final proof of innocence is a future fair trial and that remains to be done in the future, if ever." (What happened to the presumption of innocence? A BASIC principle and right in a modern judicial system!)

And what if the "future fair trial" never happens? Does that mean that President Chen will forever be "not completely innocent" and "corrupt"?

And it seems to only happen with Chen Shui-Bian; the same person could unconsciously apply the presumption of innocence to everyone else EXCEPT President Chen!

Chen Shui-Bian has never been proven guilty in court, except through judicial abuse and the violation of the due process of law!

All the "facts" and "solid proof" about President Chen's corruption are hearsay or fabricated (or a part of a bigger trap or plot) — INCLUDING the ones from credible and official sources!

The presumption of innocence is one of the most basic things in a modern judicial system, yet even lawyers, prominent figures, and people from Chen Shui-Bian's party ignored it on him.

It seems as if the majority of the Taiwanese and foreign knowledgeable scholars are still deeply brainwashed that President Chen is "dirty" or "corrupt" or at least "not completely innocent."

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which is his party (the green party), is not the same... without him.

The current DPP doesn't feel right and seems to do lots of things that I wonder about.

But no matter what, it doesn't stop me from what I do: advocating his innocence with... passion.

Because I know this man needs me.

I know he needs my support and that Taiwan needs his voice.

And that he matters to the future of Taiwan.

The DPP is empty and without a soul without Chen Shui-Bian; he matters.

The truth is that Taiwan needs him.

However, many Taiwanese and non-Taiwanese are brainwashed into believing something else, and don't treat what I am advocating as one of the most important things for Taiwan's future.

Now, more than ever, Taiwan needs him.

He is the symbolism of Taiwan.

... the real Taiwan.

The Second Part:
About Taiwan.

Taiwan is, in every way, a independent country.

However, because of certain issues and China, the country has the problem of not being recognized as one.

Even the native Taiwanese can be brainwashed about their own country; there are many native Taiwanese who don't want to acknowledge that Taiwan is a country. Even "Taiwan is a country" figures might make mistakes in their vocabulary because of the traps and brainwashing.

I look at both history and information books about Taiwan and see many inaccurate information.

I also look around to major international news media, and felt uncomfortable with them; they seem to make these mistakes in their official reports and news headlines a lot.

Taiwan seems to be in a very tricky situation, and maybe because people rely on the media and official sources that they easily take in things about Taiwan that are actually inaccurate.

If I had not known better or had instincts and feelings to help me, maybe I might have been brainwashed or misled, too.

Chen Shui-Bian... the president who advocates the "Taiwan is a country" thing, and because of this, he became the victim of China, the KMT*, the United States, and others**.

* The KMT, also known as the Chinese Nationalist Party, is a political party in Taiwan that does not want Taiwan to be recognized as a country. Of course, KMT has relations with the Communist Party of China. The color of the KMT is blue; "blue" can be a term referring to people who believe the same or similar things as KMT.

** In Taiwan, not all native Taiwanese wants to acknowledge the truth that Taiwan is, in every way, a country... or at least, some are not firm about it or don't care. This is likely a problem.

When I spent many hours e-mailing people about my sadness for Chen Shui-Bian and my feelings about Taiwan, I felt alive.

I felt so much passion and soul when I talk about Taiwan and Chen Shui-Bian. I also cried so hard.

Taiwan has always been a country, and never ever has it been a part of China. The Kuomintang (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) took base in Taiwan without any consent from representatives of the native Taiwanese people.

Because of the KMT and the R.O.C. constitution it imposed over the country, Taiwan is mistaken as a state separated from P.R.C. (China) after World War II, leading to P.R.C.'s claim over Taiwan and its threat to invade it.

Even though Taiwan is a country and never in history has ever been a part of China, the current constitution is of the R.O.C. (Republic of China) government, which is NOT China. China is called the P.R.C. or P.R.O.C. (People's Republic of China) instead. Don't get these two confused.

The official country name of China is the People's Republic of China (P.R.C.), which is 中華人民共和國.

Taiwan's "official" country name is the Republic of China (R.O.C.), which is 中華民國.

So, Taiwan currently has the confusing "official" country name called the R.O.C. (中華民國), which stands for the "Republic of China."

Although that R.O.C. name is the "official" name of the country, Taiwan (台灣 or 臺灣) is NOT the Republic of China (中華民國) at all.

Taiwan is Taiwan.

(So, there is a need to have a new constitution in Taiwan, a new flag, a new national anthem, and, most importantly, a new official country name.)

Also, I believe that 中華民國 should be translated into English as "Republic of Chunghwa" INSTEAD of the "Republic of China."

The post office in Taiwan is currently called "中華郵政" and they put in English as "Chunghwa Post."

During a certain time when Chen Shui-Bian was the president of Taiwan, he changed the country's post office name to "Taiwan Post" (臺灣郵政). This was the time when the postage stamps from my country only have a plain "TAIWAN 臺灣" on them.

However, after Ma Ying-Jeou was elected as the new president in 2008, the country's post office title changed from "Taiwan Post" (臺灣郵政) to "Chunghwa Post" (中華郵政).

The postage stamps changed from "TAIWAN 臺灣" to "Republic of China (Taiwan)."

(If you wondered why Taiwan has three* different names on postage stamps, this is the reason.)

* "Republic of China," "TAIWAN," and "Republic of China (Taiwan)"

I have always (and still) call my country's post office the Taiwan Post and pretend "Chunghwa Post" does not exist. I recommend you call it Taiwan Post, too. It is worth it.

The historical fact is that Taiwan has never been a part of China and until the end of World War II, Taiwan was a colony of Japan. Just like other former colonies of Japan, Taiwan should be recognized as an independent country.

Many people think that if they want to show that they acknowledge that Taiwan is a country, they show my country's current flag. However, there is actually a trap behind Taiwan's current flag, which has the symbol of the KMT in it (the blue and white part) and represents the R.O.C.

The real Taiwanese want to abolish the R.O.C. Constitution and write a new Taiwan Republic Constitution and change the flag.

If you want to show that you support Taiwan's independence and Taiwanese identity, please don't display our country's flag.

Please find other ways to help Taiwan instead.

If you really want to help Taiwan's independence through a flag, use this green flag instead.

I used to make the mistake of thinking that if I show my country's flag, then I can help show that Taiwan is a country. I only started to realize my error after I began defending President Chen's innocence in public.

Also, if you have the term "Taiwan independence" (TI) in your vocabulary, change it to "Taiwan's independence" instead.

One of the reasons you should not use "Taiwan independence" in your vocabulary is that it can be misleading (and maybe even part of a trap).

There are other independence-seeking states such as Scotland — called the "Scottish independence." There is also the "Puerto Rican independence." However, Taiwan is already independent.

So, saying "Taiwan independence" might mislead people into thinking that Taiwan needs to struggle for independence!

However, Taiwan already IS independent — it just needs to abolish the R.O.C. Constitution instead!

Keep in mind that Taiwan has never ever been a part of China, so the phrase "mainland China" (中國大陸) or "the mainland" (大陸) is also another trap. If you have the "mainland" word in your vocabulary, stop using it.

There is no such thing as a "mainland" China!

Taiwan has never "split" from China in 1949.

Taiwan was never a part of China's Civil Wars in 1949. NEVER has been. Yet, it seems that books and official and international news media keep on stating the lie that Taiwan "split" from China.

There is ONLY one China and one Taiwan, and both are different countries and have always been separate from each other.

So if you have "Taiwan and the mainland" (台灣和大陸) in your vocabulary, change it to "Taiwan and China" (台灣和中國) instead.

Plus, China is NOT "the mainland" but only a part of the Asian mainland.

Stop using the word "mainlander" (大陸人). Use "Chinese" (中國人) or "post-World War II immigrant" (戰後移民) instead.

Using the phrase "the two sides" (兩岸 or 兩邊) instead of "the two countries" is another trap; stop saying that Taiwan is a "side"!

Then, there is this thing of using vocabulary such as "the leader" (領導人) instead of "the president" (總統). Stop referring to a country's president as the "leader"!

The "leader" word seems to imply that Taiwan is not a country or that the person using it does not really want to acknowledge Taiwan, and is a part of a trap!

Also, keep in mind that it is the Kuomintang who took base in Taiwan, so the whole "renegade" thing is another trap.

If you have that "renegade" word in your usage and vocabulary, stop using it.

Taiwan is not even a "China" either, so the whole Republic of China (R.O.C.) name is another trap.

And stop using phrases like "the two Chinas" or "another China" in your vocabulary. STOP IT.

Taiwan is NOT an "area" in Asia, and it is NOT a "special territory" in Asia, either. STOP using these things in your vocabulary.

STOP saying "the Taiwan area" (台灣地區).

Then there is the term "228 Incident" (二二八事件). Stop calling it the "228 Incident."

Instead, call it the 228 Massacre (二二八大屠殺).

The 228 Massacre is one of the most prominent events in Taiwanese history.

Soldiers shot down normal citizens on the street with machine guns. Large groups of bodies were collected and buried alive.

... and more than 10,000 people were killed within the first month.

The total number of deaths is probably between 18,000 and 30,000 people.

This is NOT an "incident"!

It feels as if the "228 Incident" term is some kind of a trap from the KMT to "hide" the fact more... to make people say "228 Incident" as a habit...

... and then people naturally pick this up as the massacre's "official" name...

... then the fact is more well-hidden to some people because of this vocabulary trap.

Please use the "massacre" word. Do NOT call it the "228" or "incident" or "228 incident."

Instead, please call it the 228 Massacre or "the massacre." Please use the "massacre" word more often and help reveal the truth of what that KMT has done to the Taiwanese in 1947!

Referring to what happened in Taiwan on February 28th, 1947, as an "incident" can be insensitive and... wrong.

This massacre is so important in Taiwanese history that people STILL talk about it today!

People STILL want to redress it and people still fight for it today! AND there are people who still lie about the massacre or set traps and not acknowledge the true colors of the KMT.

Also, if you have "anti-China" in your vocabulary, change it to "pro-Taiwan" instead. Someone who is "pro-Taiwan" doesn't mean he or she is "anti-China"!

You might make the mistake of saying "anti-China" when what you really mean is that you want to acknowledge that Taiwan is a country.

If you mean that, then say it accurately and stop saying "anti-China." If you are "pro-Taiwan" and hate China, it doesn't mean you are "anti-China"!

Similarly, "anti-annexation" does NOT mean "anti-China." Both "anti-annexation" and "pro-Taiwan" does NOT mean one is "anti-China"; please communicate clearly!

Another thing I want to point out is the usage of the phrase "Chinese New Year."

I used to make the mistake of saying "Chinese New Year" until earlier this year. I noticed that the people I recently crossed paths with all say something else: "Lunar New Year." And then I start to wonder about it.

And then from that moment of wondering what the difference between the two phrases is, I noticed the "Chinese" word with new eyes.

From that moment on, I realized what mistake I have been making the past years!

The holiday "Lunar New Year" is 農曆新年; "Spring Festival" is 春節... "Chinese New Year" (CNY) is inaccurate and wrong!

The translation of "Chinese New Year" (CNY) is 中國新年, and maybe no one says that. The Chinese call the holiday 農曆新年, which is Lunar New Year.

Plus, the Lunar New Year holiday doesn't only belong to the Chinese!

(What about Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries?)

Many people, including the native Taiwanese, do things that confuse or brainwash others into believing that Taiwan's culture is a subset of China's...

Maybe the "Chinese New Year" (CNY) phrase is a trap.

The National Day (國慶日) is probably a trap, too. The country's "national" day is on October 10th and has a name of "Double Tenth Day" (雙十節).

However, using the term "national day" can be a trap in supporting the Republic of China instead of supporting Taiwan. If you have the "National Day" (國慶日) in your vocabulary, stop using it!

Please only use "Double Tenth Day" (雙十節) from now on. (I used to make this mistake of saying "national day," too.)

Many people also seem to think that the "No, I am not Chinese. I am Taiwanese!" thing and the "Taiwan is a country" thing has to do with "point of views" and "taking sides." It is not.

This entire "The Green and Blue are sides and there are different opinions" thing is a trap.

I hope I open your eyes and help you see the truth you weren't able to see before.

If you believe that the "whether or not Taiwan is a country" thing is a matter of "different points of view" in any way, then I am here to wake you up!

And if you believe that you have to "be neutral" by using the phrase "the island" instead of "the country," then I hope I wake you up!

Using the phrase "the island" can come across as incompetent, especially even more incompetent when you actually believe that you are being "neutral" or "fair" this way; you are not.

Exactly who are you being "fair" to anyway? What, like other brainwashed people... perhaps?

Did you know that you are basically implying that it is all right to not write true reports and that you are basically helping cause more brainwashing, under your so-called "being neutral and fair" excuse?

PLUS... Taiwan consists of more than one island, so stating "the island" when you could state "the country" is basically helping spread inaccurate information.

Is this REALLY being "neutral" and "fair"?

You are NOT being "neutral" by avoiding the "country" word. There is NOTHING wrong with using the "country" word for Taiwan; it is a fact.

Many sites use the "country" word with no problem at all. What are you trying to prevent by avoiding the usage of words like "country" or "president" anyway?

Do NOT be scared of "criticism" that you have to use the "being neutral" excuse and spread inaccurate information.

Taiwan is NOT a "special territory," and it is NOT an "island." It is NOT a "side" and it is NOT an "area" or "region," either. Stop using these words in your vocabulary!

Instead, use the country word more.

The "being neutral" and "being fair" things are injustice and incompetence in disguise.

Just write the TRUTH and use the "country" word! Write the FACTS and stop "being fair" to other brainwashed people and China.

If you also think it is "all about how you think" then I hope my page wakes you up from this brainwashing, too!

This is NOT a matter of "taking sides" nor is it ever a "different point of view" thing.

It never has been.

Instead, this is a matter to do with truth, injustice, and brainwashing!

It doesn't matter if people don't want to recognize the truth that Taiwan is and has always been, in every way, a country... all along.

Taiwan has never ever been a part of China, and Taiwan is not "a China." Nor is it "another China."

It bothers me when people refer to Taiwan as a "renegade state" from China.

I hate it when people add "ROC" to an address in post cards because "It is safer to add ROC. If you don't, the mailman might not recognize a 'Taiwan' and then won't deliver your mail properly*."

* Who says so? Who invented this rumor? Do you REALLY think this is true? Do you REALLY believe this nonsense? There was a year or two where I received more than 700 personal letters from all over the world, including China, and all of them only wrote "TAIWAN" and they all arrived safely.

If you give me your Taiwan address with an "ROC" on it, I will NOT write the "ROC." I will only write a "TAIWAN." If your mailing is not related to the government, then I recommend that you stop putting "ROC" on your address.

If you are mailing someone in Taiwan and that the address has "ROC" on it, change their address into "TAIWAN." Don't write "ROC" on the mailing.

Stop adding "ROC" onto an address.

Write TAIWAN... with confidence. From now on.

It is worth it... more than what you might believe, imagine, or realize.

It bothers me that I had to correct people who called me "Chinese." No, I am Taiwanese. And when this happens, the person maybe usually goes back to saying Chinese within a week or month or something, as if they are completely deaf or have no brain and no sense.

It bothers me when people refer to Taiwan and China as "the two Chinas."

No. Taiwan is Taiwan.

No, Taiwan is not a "sort of is a country but also sort of really isn't at the same time."

No, Taiwan is not a "it depends... to some people it is, and to some people it isn't."

And no, Taiwan is not a "is actually a country... HOWEVER, in reality, it is sort of not really one because it isn't officially recognized as one."

And no, Taiwan is not a "special territory" in Asia.

Taiwan is a country. In every way.

And no, this is not my "opinion," and this is not a matter of "taking sides." This is not a matter of "perspectives," either. This is the truth.

This is a matter of the truth becoming blurred out to the eyes and minds of many people. This is a matter of injustice mainly caused by both China and the native Taiwanese who could not see this truth clearly.

Just because someone or another nation doesn't want to admit Taiwan is a real country, and just because Taiwan doesn't have "official recognition" (if there is such thing) as a country worldwide, it doesn't mean it is any less of a country.

This issue is so simple.

(Fortunately, this doesn't need to be anything related to politics. It is simple and obvious.)

This has never been "politics" to me at all! This has always been a "basic reasoning" thing and common sense.

Even if you don't watch the news and don't want to learn history like me, I thought it is common sense that Taiwan is a country and that China, a communist country, will be up to a lot of traps and brainwashing.

Just because Taiwan isn't called "Taiwan" in the Olympics* and doesn't have its country's flag there, it doesn't make it any less of a country.

* China did some dirty diplomatic relations behind the scene so Taiwan is not allowed to represent itself as "Taiwan" or display its country's flag.
We are forced to use "Chinese Taipei" as our "country name" for the Olympics.

Just because a native Taiwanese tells you that Taiwan isn't really a country, it doesn't make it any less of a country.

It doesn't matter if there are numerous native Taiwanese who cannot figure out, clearly, that their very own Taiwan is in every way a real country.

It doesn't matter if the United Nations (UN) or World Health Organization (WHO) or something doesn't want to recognize Taiwan is a real country. It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if this ISO thing labels Taiwan as "Taiwan, Province of China." There are forms* on many Web sites that say "Taiwan, Province of China" because of this. There is a petition here.

* PLEASE double-check ALL forms on your Web pages from now on! Maybe the form on your site says "Taiwan, Province of China" OR "Chinese Taipei" OR "Taiwan ROC" OR "Taiwan (R.O.C.)"... and maybe you were not aware until reading this.

Maybe "Taiwan" is missing from the Countries list of your form and you did not know that!

PLEASE fix your form and add Taiwan in. If you have it in your form but it is labelled incorrectly, PLEASE change it to a plain "Taiwan"!

It doesn't matter if the Obama administration and the United States doesn't want to recognize that Taiwan is a real country. Again, it doesn't matter.

Taiwan is still, in every way, a real COUNTRY.

Whatever people think will never change the truth about Taiwan.

Even if the whole world doesn't want to admit that Taiwan is a country, Taiwan is STILL, in every way, a country.

Even if every native Taiwanese out there doesn't admit that Taiwan is a country, Taiwan is STILL, in every way, a country.

And even if *I* get brainwashed and don't admit that Taiwan is a country any more... Taiwan is STILL, and forever will always be, a country.

I will stand up for Taiwan, my heart, and my country's destiny.

Let's keep our hearts alive. Let's BE alive.

Forever and ever.

For a better tomorrow, for Taiwan's destiny, and for the world.


The Third Part:
"I believe in your destiny."

During this one time in 2013, I was going through some USB files from 2004. I came upon a folder of music files called, "相信台灣一路往前 (阿扁競選歌曲十年精選)." [Marching Forward, Believing in Taiwan]

The artist of it seems to be Chen Shui-Bian... or, at least, he has something to do with the album.

I don't know how I would have the files, as I did not really know who he was and did not know what a DPP or a KMT was, but it was there.*

* Maybe when something is important, it will somehow find its way to cross paths with you... somehow, it finds its way to you at the right time.

Inside it are music files called, "相信台灣" (Believe in Taiwan), "早安台灣" (Good morning, Taiwan), and "幸福進行曲" (Happiness Marching Song).

When I saw the names, especially "相信台灣" (Believe in Taiwan) and "早安台灣" (Good morning, Taiwan), I cried so hard. Tears fell down immediately.

Even though I did not know who he really was or what he did, when I saw those titles, tears fell down... especially when I happened to discover those files sometime after I learned about his health conditions caused in... jail.

When I learned about the reason for his suicide attempt last year, I had feelings. I was touched at the same time because I realized that I had always carried President Chen's will strongly.

Even before I had heard of his name, I had always passionately carried his will... Something about this makes me cry. Something so... meaningful and profound here.

I would cry over the "Taiwan is a country" thing, and I would become passionate about it.

And to realize that he is this passionate about Taiwan... His passion for Taiwan reached me.

Even if I did not really know him, I want to say this: I like you.

Abian, please don't kill yourself. I like you... and I believe in you.

Others seem to think that your health conditions are "ruined" and are "irreversible" or "incurable," but I don't believe that!

I believe something else:

— You are very resilient, and more than what you might can ever believe or imagine.
— No matter how broken you are physically and mentally, the truth is that you are not broken.
The world needs you badly, no matter what you were told and no matter what you think.
— You are meant to be liked.
— You are made of greatness.
— And there are always reasons to dream.
Forever and ever. And I believe in you.

I know that "incurable" diseases are curable from within.

That there is no such thing as a body condition, mental state, or any form of illness that cannot be cured!

... something that has always been true.

I know many stories of people in "incurable" circumstances and body conditions...

...and how people grew younger, both in health and physical appearance, as they aged...

... and how people can be 60-something years old, but have both the health and the appearance of a 20-something-years-old person... literally!

(How people literally grow younger as they "age"!)

This kind of thing might be something you won't want to believe in (especially if you are new to this), but is so obvious to me these days!

These days, this kind of thing is so obvious to me; it is already a kind of common sense and fact.

These days, this kind of thing is not "strange" and "unusual" to me at all any more!

... and even one who survived an explosion from an airplane when he was inside, and many of his body parts were severely damaged!

The doctors say that he will remain a vegetarian for the rest of his life and that all his other conditions are "completely incurable"...

... but in the end, he cured himself from within and was eventually able to walk on his two feet again. The doctors were at a loss of words at how he healed.

It did not matter what the doctors, family, or friends thought.

What mattered was what he thought, which alone caused the "impossible" healing to come into reality!

On March 10th, 1981, Morris E. Goodman ("The Miracle Man") crashed an airplane.

The video above is the story of how he cured himself even though the doctors said it was "incurable."

He was released from the hospital on November 13, 1981.

...That is why it is called a miracle.

Maybe you cannot see how* it would be possible, but somehow, your soul will figure it out.

* Maybe ALL bits of evidence and circumstances tell you it is impossible, and maybe ALL of your current problems and suffering are too solid.

But that is why it is called a miracle... and I know that your soul will figure it out.

You are actually not supposed to be able to see any signs of hope yourself, but instead, simply know that your soul will see it through.

Your soul will figure it out... somehow.

Also, I was happy and relieved that you survived from the suicide attempt and decided to live.

That you survived from the attempt is a miracle!

It means so much to me that you are still alive.

It does not matter what the Taiwanese might now think, and it does not matter what my friends might think.

It does not matter what the non-Taiwanese news reporters, journalists, historians, and scholars think of your "corruption," "scandals," and your health conditions.

And it does not matter what the doctors might think of your conditions, either.

What matters is that I or you believe something different for your health and future.

I will not only defend your innocence, but I will also alter your health and destiny for you.

I want to be the protector of your destiny.

Abian, I will protect your destiny.

If I could hear the cries for help from you in 2006, then maybe you can hear what I am typing here.

Abian, if you can hear me, then I hope you can hear what your soul might be trying to tell you.

Again, if I could hear the cries for help from you in 2006, then maybe you can hear me now, too.

I miss your smile.

Taiwan is never the same ever since you are not the president any more; even if I did not really know you, ever since 2008, I could feel that Taiwan is not the same any more.

Taiwan has become dark ever since then.

The charisma and passion you have for Taiwan; I miss the Chen Shui-Bian from that time.

Abian, I miss you so much.

... and I miss your smile.

Others may think things such as "I hope Chen Shui-Bian's health get better; we can only hope the medical treatment can do better than we hope" and other "normal" thoughts about your future health and healing.

However, as a destiny changer and miracle maker for my career, I do NOT settle for this kind of "normal" thinking. I do NOT settle for "normal hoping" for something so important to me.

I have a grand vision about you.

I believe in the day when you are FULLY healed as if nothing had ever happened.
... as if you were healthy ALL along and none of this nightmare has ever happened.
... THE day when it is clear to everyone that you returned to the health you once had more than a decade ago (but even healthier than that!)
... THE day when it becomes extremely clear to everyone that you are fully healed as if you had always been healthy ALL your life!
... One of the biggest miracles in healing and a person's natural ability to heal in history, ever.

I believe in the power of the human mind this much, especially when it comes to healing.

I believe one's human mind so much... that I am able to say this about you. That I am able to declare this about you with confidence.

And I believe that healing, no matter what the circumstances and details are, doesn't have to take as long as you think it would or might take.

A person's healing potential is unlimited, and can be done quicker than you would ever believe, especially when you say so. Never give up.

Abian, I believe in your destiny this much, and you should, too.

And when you are fully healed, let's see each other for a cup of tea... as if nothing has ever happened. All along.

See you,


The other day I came across a video that almost always puts me in tears. It is called this:『從心認識台灣人的總統-陳水扁。』 ("From the heart, know the Taiwanese's president — Chen Shui-Bian.")

Last month, I attended a Lantern Festival event, and there were some musicians who happen to play music of songs from 90s and early 2000s.

... one song after the another... continuously.

And I could not help but cry; tears fell down so strongly and suddenly as one song is played after the other!

The tears fell down so strongly.

... and I was so happy...

I was in a bliss that night...

"This is the era I feel very comfortable with...!"

Then, I suddenly realized that this also HAPPENS to be the era when Chen Shui-Bian was "alive": as the mayor of Taipei City in the 90s and then the president of Taiwan in 2000.

THE era when Taiwan is better BECAUSE of Chen Shui-Bian's existence and heart.

... because Chen Shui-Bian's soul was alive.

And as I learned from the video above, this is THE era when Chen Shui-Bian seems the happiest and with the most charisma.

... the era when he is singing his soul's song...!

This is an era I feel very comfortable with... an era that I cry about... an era that can bring me into tears and I feel fully comfortable living in.

... an era I feel comfortable being alive in...

... and of course, an era where Chen Shui-Bian happens to be alive. (Maybe a coincidence.)

... where Taiwan is in its best era.

"Taiwan is not the same without Chen Shui-Bian as president... I miss you, President Chen. Even though I did not know you, I miss you. And I wish I could see you as the president again."

I cried so hard that night at the Lantern Festival event, ESPECIALLY when I thought, "I miss you, President Chen, even if I did not know you, I miss you"... and tears fell down so strongly.

Yet I was also so happy to BE in the moment of listening to such music from that era; simply FEELING my moment at the night and trying to not think about anything else except my bliss.

The only president that can put me in tears; there is only Chen Shui-Bian.

The story of Chen Shui-Bian is the story of a man born into a peasant family. When he was born, he suffered illnesses. A person who was in poverty...

The story of a peasant who, against all odds, rose to become the youngest lawyer in Taiwan.

The story of a defense attorney who defended the innocence of the others in the Kaohsiung Incident (also known as the Formosa Magazine case).

The story of a man who shed light into darkness in dark cases done by the KMT.

The story of a successful lawyer who was making a lot of money at the time (if he had continued his career as a lawyer, he might have made more than whatever amount he was accused of for corruption), but he sacrificed his career...

... He sacrificed his lawyer career...

... to save Taiwan.

If he had stayed as a lawyer, his wife would still have her health and the truck "accident" would have never happened!

He risked his life and the safety of his family and quit his lawyer career to save Taiwan!

The story of a man who then rose to become the mayor of Taipei City...

... and then the president of Taiwan in 2000.

When he was the president, many major projects (including the high speed train system) were completed well under budget.

His greatest contribution could be his advocating for complete freedom and speech, as well as Taiwan's independence...

... in a Taiwan that has been ruled by KMT the past 50 years and where government officials, news media, etc. were still mostly controlled by KMT at that time.

Because of this, he had to endure bombardments of smears and slanders thrown at him and his family almost all of the time from all sorts of pundits, news media, and TV stations.

The story of a man whose health was sacrificed and labelled as a man of "corruption" by many Taiwanese and many Westerners because he stood up for Taiwan.

The story of a man who became a "criminal" in maybe most people's brains for doing the right thing... but became Taiwan's most important symbol... the symbolism of Taiwan.

The story of a man who shed light onto Taiwan, but ended up having his life destroyed...

... the story of a man who almost died because he stood up for Taiwan...

... and the story of a man who reached my heart so deeply, and let me realize how happy I am to be here for him.

How happy I am to be defending his innocence, and so much more. Forever and ever.

It is also because this case seems to be very tricky and complicated that I find so much meaning and joy in defending his innocence.

One of my dreams is to bring the truth of this case to the international stage; maybe I did not have a single day where I did not think about this case! It is my passion and my dream. It is my vision that the truth behind this case becomes something most of the international audience knows about; it is my dream that the truth of Chen Shui-Bian becomes a common sense thing in the international stage!

It is the small international success I had so far that helps me realize: what I am doing is worth it. (Please never give up because the world needs you for the Chen Shui-Bian case, Kiyasu.)

My final message for you:

I hope you cry reading this message because you need it. I want you to be alive. Because when you cry like this, your soul becomes more alive than ever.

I hope my Voice plants many seeds of miracles in your destinies forever and ever, especially in your support for Chen Shui-Bian.

And I also firmly believe THIS: the day when he is FULLY healed as if nothing had ever happened, as if he were healthy ALL along... THE day when it is clear to everyone that he has returned to the health he once had more than a decade ago (but even healthier than that!).

THE day when it becomes extremely clear to everyone that he is fully healed as if he had always been healthy ALL his life. One of the biggest miracles in healing and a person's natural ability to heal.

I believe in the power of the human mind, especially when it comes to both physical and mental healing. I believe one's human mind SO much that I am able to say this about him.

That I am able to declare this about Chen Shui-Bian with confidence.

And I believe that healing, no matter what the circumstances and details are, doesn't have to take as long as you think it would or might take.

Again, a person's healing potential is unlimited, and can be done quicker than you would ever believe...

.... especially when you say so.

I believe in his life and destiny this much, and you should, too.

Kiyasu Oka, 2015–2016. This article is published April 2nd, 2016 (Saturday), but took basically full dedication "all day long," every single day, for several months straight to write.

Revision on June 28th, 2023 (Tuesday): I changed the title of this piece from "Taiwan is my Country." to "The Essence of Taiwan" also because the writing here is not so-called "politics" or "political" at all, but there are a lot of people who will unconsciously and naturally see this is as "political" without realizing it, and then not read this piece properly...