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Remote Investigation Services
Gifted Psychic Work & Readings

Professional psychic investigator and advisor experienced in remote investigation work through gifts and abilities. Have a missing item and want to find out what happened to it? A situation or news you want to privately know the truth about? Want to know what someone's intentions toward you are or about your life path and more? You can come to me for down-to-earth answers. My psychic work is not just some "intuitive reading" giving you "insight" and "guidance" because I have certain gifts that are quite unique. I also now share my psychic shop with my sister who has special abilities like remote viewing, telepathy mind reading, etc. We have an online shop at

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All psychic work are done as written text via either e-mail or the messages system of the shop. Online live text chat option is available with my sister via Skype, WhatsApp, etc. for $1.99 USD per minute. If you would like to order a psychic live text chat session with my sister, please e-mail me at:

I can read about the usual topics like love, career, future, finances, life journey, twin flames, soulmates, past life connections, pregnancy, moving house, etc. And of course I read on investigation, detective work, and truth seeking topics.

For any topic you want investigated, simply purchase online from our listings at and wait for your report to be sent to you. Delivery is within the time you choose when placing your order.