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Kiyasu Oka ★ Taipei, TAIWAN

Illustrator and Designer from
Card Deck Publisher: Playing, Tarot, Etc.
Professional Psychic Investigator and Advisor

*I am available for representation, art commissions, and custom work. Please contact me with your budget and needs so we can discuss.

My Writing Works and Cases I Worked On:
Chen Shui-Bian is Innocent! (2015, 2016)
The Essence of Taiwan (2015, 2016)
(Both pieces are updated on September 10th, 2023.)

Psychic Investigator and Advisor:
I am an experienced down-to-earth and gifted advisor offering both psychic and card readings. My tarot readings are not just "intuitive tarot readings" because I have certain gifts and psychic abilities.

I don't only read about "the usual topics" like love, career, future, finances, twin flames, soulmates, past life connections, pregnancy, moving house, etc. I also read on investigation and detective work topics, such as: why you or someone else got banned online, the truth behind someone else's life, incidents, sequence of events, experiences you had with another psychic or tarot reader and the reading they gave you, etc.

You can come to me for clarity, guidance, or for fun. My readings are in affordable budget prices so that my work can reach as many people as I can. Get your personalized reading from me today!

When Booking Your Reading...

PLEASE PROVIDE: a name (or alias), topic or situation, your wishes, and the context. It helps if you can tell me what you are hoping to experience from my reading, so that I can assist you more clearly. I usually work better with situations, direct writing, and photos of environments (links to profile pages, forum threads, and other sites count as "environment") than with date of birth and photos of people. Giving extra details and context can help a lot. Birthdays are not necessary and only for helping me possibly work better; it has nothing to do with any astrology stuff. I don't need real names. Even online screen names and "that person I saw" are fine when there is context. If you put a lot of detail, I can help you more in my reading. If you have a lot on your mind, you don't have to hold back from sharing because long descriptions are okay. If you are not sure what questions to ask, describe your situation in as much detail as possible and tell me to decide for you.

DELIVERY TIMES: Standard delivery is within the time range shown on the system and is usually within 5 days, but could change to shorter or longer times without notice. It is still possible to receive your reading within hours or in the same day even with standard delivery. The other delivery options are only to add guarantees that you will receive your order within the given time. For delivery within 1-6 hours, if you order without checking whether I am online, it may be delayed (no refunds will be given).

LEGAL: No refunds and cancellations. If you make a mistake purchase, you can exchange it for another item or service in my shop. I do not cancel any orders. All readings are for entertainment purposes. (My readings are usually not, but by law, I kind of always have to state that psychic work is for "entertainment purposes only.")

The Web Site:

I wrote the code of this site by hand in Notepad++. This site utilizes the basics by using only timeless X/HTML, CSS, and PHP code. Regardless of whether you're using a browser version from 2004 or 2023, this site loads very fast and looks as it should be on all browser versions and devices.

You can use the two banner images above to link to this site. Please save down the images and upload them to your own storage space. The character featured in the images is this site's mascot called "Reeruro." She is a fictional spirit character I designed in 2009; current Reeruro site banner art is drawn in 2012. The "Green" in the site title randomly comes from "green tea" and has no meaning. This site launched in March 2003.


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