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About Kiyasu Oka (Taipei, TAIWAN)
Gifted Psychic Investigator & Advisor

Professional psychic investigator and advisor experienced in remote investigation work through gifts and abilities. Have a missing item and want to find out what happened to it? A situation or news you want to privately know the truth about? Want to know what someone's intentions toward you are or about your life path and more? You can come to me for down-to-earth answers. My psychic work is not just some "intuitive reading" giving you "insight" and "guidance" because I have certain gifts that are quite unique. I also now share my psychic shop with my sister who has special abilities like remote viewing, telepathy mind reading, etc. We have an online shop at

About My Sister's Work

My sister has been working professionally in this psychics field/industry since 2005. She specializes in telepathy/mind reading, love reading, career advice, financial outlook, and more. She only needs first names (or aliases) to do her telepathy mind reading and remote viewing psychic work. No photos needed at all. Providing date of birth (D.O.B.) is optional, so don't worry if you don't know the date of birth of the other person, don't want to provide your own, etc.

She is also here to answer those devastating questions like "Is he/she coming back?" "Was I being fake-sweetheart-face misled in person?" "Who can I trust at my job/workplace?" "Have I found my soulmate?" "Is my career going anywhere?" and much more. Sometimes our energy can mix with others, and if those people actually do not mean us well, then it can harm us spiritually. We live in a world where putting a good, kind, and polite face is condoned everywhere. People's intentions and true colors can be challenging to figure out on our own. (Feel free to request using my Question Readings for my sister to read for you instead of me.)

The impression or image one has of another person may actually be very inaccurate mainly because we can only see others from what they are showing and the actions they take on the outside; "nobody" can see who a person is energetically from within, their human nature, and from their thoughts. (For example: It is so easy to see and feel someone as "kind" if they smile at you in person and do many kind things to you and others, but online they could be privately showing true colors and treating someone else with injustice. The "kind person" image becomes further "solidified as fact" if you lived with them for decades or if they're your family, spouse, or something.) Let my sister's telepathy mind reading see through people and give you understanding of your situation, troubles, and concerns.

We offer long-distance investigation on:

All psychic work are done as written text via either e-mail or the messages system of the shop. Online live text chat option is available with my sister via Skype, WhatsApp, etc. for $1.99 USD per minute. If you would like to order a psychic live text chat session with my sister, please e-mail me at:

I can read about the usual topics like love, career, future, finances, life journey, twin flames, soulmates, past life connections, pregnancy, moving house, etc. And of course I read on investigation, detective work, and truth seeking topics.

For any topic you want investigated, simply purchase online from our listings at and wait for your report to be sent to you. Delivery is within the time you choose when placing your order.

Readings Retainer (SAVE Money!)

This VIP readings retainer service is especially good for saving money on multiple readings; you receive "slots" for the readings you want, even when they are "Sold Out." Reserve and/or pick your readings any time you want within your selected time period; you don't need to have them decided yet. A ten-slot retainer filled with Two (2) Questions and Three (3) Questions readings per slot will save you a lot of money. You can also gift some reading slots to friends and family, so that they don't have to buy readings from me to get answers, or if they never had a reading before and you can show them what my readings are like this way. This can make a very personally helpful gift! You can use your slots to reserve ANY of the psychic services (standard delivery) in my shop except for the postal mail handwritten psychic reading service.

YOU WILL RECEIVE: a Google document link where your remaining "slots" and which listings you reserve are and will be clearly listed along with the subscription period dates. The file will be updated whenever you reserve a listing and whenever I deliver a reading. This way, things are clear on both sides about how many spots left, what listings are reserved, what haven't been done yet, and so on. This will be like an insurance and peace of mind for potential problems caused by memory issues, coincidental mess-ups, etc. Get your own VIP Readings Retainer spot on!

*The "10 Listings/1 Month" means you get ten (10) free readings listings within one month of purchase, and "10 Listings/2 Months" means you get ten (10) free readings listings within a two-month period. Each spot is counted by the QUANTITY COUNT of LISTINGS in the same way the readings would be if they were added to your shopping cart. So, if a listing already contains two readings within one LISTING QUANTITY COUNT in itself, it is counted as only ONE reading slot for this subscription. Tip payments and "pay what you want" follow-up clarity messages purchases at also count as one slot per follow-up clarification message tip payment.