Various services I offer. For custom work not listed here, contact me with your details and budget. Most psychic and tarot offers are on the Readings page.

Taiwan Personal Shopper and Shipping Assistant Service Taiwan Personal Shopper and Shipping Assistant Services
I can buy or receive stuff for you in Taiwan, and then ship it to you. I prefer receiving payment directly by bank transfer or on Fiverr. You pay x1.5 of the amount for both goods and postage. (e.g., if you are sending me $250 USD, you need to send me a $375 USD total instead.) For physical items, usually postage part is done in a separate second payment because I cannot confirm shipping costs without first confirming the costs with the post office.

If you want me to receive items for you in Taiwan that will only be delivered to me months later (e.g., pre-orders from a store that only ships to Taiwan addresses), you need to send at least $15 purely as a non-refundable "booking fee" first. Then, after I receive your items, you buy a second service from me to ship the items to you.

Contact Me:
E-mail me at with the details, and please be as specific as possible (e.g., include links to the items or the store's Web site).

★ I need help with phone verification on an online account, but I don't have a Taiwan number. Can I borrow your phone number just for the verification?
It depends on what the verification process is like, but chances are the answer is likely "yes" as long as you take into account that my phone is NOT a smart phone and that I have "SMS Full" things going on with text messages. I "cannot" make phone calls, but I can receive calls.

★ Can you receive a phone for me in Taiwan and then mail it to my country?
Yes, but it will be more expensive because I will ship your stuff by FedEx Express. This is because batteries are considered dangerous and are prohibited by the post office's regulations. And in case you might ask: no, hiding the batteries or lying about it on the post office forms with "NO BATTERY" is unlikely to work; the post office may accept the parcel, but it will be returned from the airport after the X-ray scan procedures. FedEx has their own private jet and are able to deliver batteries.

★ Can you run an errand like go to this place in Taipei City, get some free brochures, and then mail it to a specified address?
Yes, but you need to pay me for my time to travel there and find the place. It will also help if you can include exactly which MRT Station and Exit number I need to go to, to find the place more easily. I charge $20~$30 for this; also relates to how much time I could spend traveling.

Mystery Surprise Taiwan Goodies By Post:
Additionally, this service can be used as a "Surprise me!" thing or a "Just curious about receiving anything from Taiwan." I can accept something like "Send me anything you want, but if possible, have the items be more geared toward chocolate of this flavor and scenery post cards." I also offer services for sending handwritten letters, postcards, decorated "mail art" envelopes (parcels), etc. Note that I can only send you items and surprises that are within the post office's regulations and each individual item must be something I can at least somewhat easily carry on its own. For example: it's very challenging and inconvenient for me to ship a bicycle or an armchair, let alone carry one home from the shops "next door," so I might not send you this kind of stuff.

Mystery Surprise (Tips) Mystery Surprise (Tips)
Tip me for any past reading(s) or service(s) you've received from me. You can also use this "tip jar" donation listing to support me or my work even if you have never purchased anything from me before. You will at the least receive a message from me that I write specifically for you, but there *could* be more to that... like a bonus tarot reading, extra clarity to any psychic reading you purchase, or even artwork I draw. You can use this listing to buy custom art commissions, various services, and psychic readings that are not in my shop. Use this to purchase follow-ups, add-ons, or custom things from my other items and services (e.g., follow-up clarification message for a tarot reading I did for you, empty box add-on for a card deck you purchased before).

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40 FREE Etsy Listings (Ethical Credits Referral Program) 40 FREE Etsy Listings (Ethical Credits Referral Program)
If you open an Etsy shop with any of the links below, you will receive forty (40) free listings for your new shop. Unlimited uses; you can open as many shops with these links. I will also receive forty (40) free listings for my shop at each time you successfully open a shop with my links. TO RECEIVE YOUR 40 FREE ETSY LISTING CREDITS: all you need to do is visit either or and create your new Etsy shop from there! (Feel free to share my URLs above to help others save money!) It is free to open an Etsy shop. HOWEVER! It costs US$0.20 to list an item for 4 months, which is why it can matter to receive free listing credits from me, especially when starting a new business. Renewing an expired or sold listing counts as "listing" a new item.

As of September 2023, transaction fees are only around 6.5% per sale. After you open your shop, go to in the Shop Manager and find the "Listings" page. On the top right, there should be the "Add a listing" link that lists your available 40 credits.

NOTE: PayPal also takes fees from both the transaction and any so-called "paid by buyer" taxes that will be remitted to the tax authorities, as stated in the Etsy payment statements. All this said, I still think this is much better than eBay and Fiverr platforms, whose fees are much higher. So, even with the PayPal issue on Etsy, you will probably still earn more despite these fees.

If you tip me below, I will e-mail you a PDF version of the writing here. It is a "pay what you want" system for the PDF purchase. If you want instant access to the PDF download, please use instead.

Etsy (instant delivery) Etsy (manual delivery)
Tarot Card and Spread Meanings Interpretation Service Tarot Card and Spread Meanings??? What Is the MEANING If I Pull This Card?(Interpretation Service)
Do you have some tarot questions and not sure what a card means? Did you pull some cards yourself and want guidance on how to interpret them? Need more ideas and interpretations to help you learn tarot? Want guidance from an ACTUAL psychic tarot reader who has been reading professionally? I can help you interpret your tarot card or spread! Reading a tarot card can be so multi-faceted, and the same card can completely change meaning within the same reading! This is where I can step in and give you a personalized interpretation. YOU WILL RECEIVE: a written text interpretation of at least 500 characters per card. I will give you my interpretation of the cards or spread. This is only my interpretation and NOT a reading, but I will also include info from my psychic abilities if any comes up.

NOT JUST TAROT CARDS: Can also be oracle card, other kinds of cards (regular deck of playing cards, Lenormand, Kipper, Sibilla, etc.), and items. If you send a photo of the card(s), feel free to decide that crystals, totems, runes, charms, dice, and other divination tools or items are a part of the "card count" instead. One crystal, tool, or item equals one "card." Description of a clairvoyant vision, sounds and incidents that happen during the tarot reading, and metaphorical stuff can be included in the "card count." For example: "I pulled the Emperor (1) and the Six of Wands (2) for [situation and context] reading, and during this time it felt like I had a flashback of a fireplace image in my mind (3) that was very brief…? Think I also heard a dog outside my house started barking, and it felt quite different and I feel the need to include this somehow (4). What does this tarot reading mean?" can count as four "cards."

FOLLOW-UP CLARITY AND ADD-ON PSYCHIC READING: There is a “pay what you want” system for follow-up clarification messages and add-on readings from me. So, if you want me to pull my own cards and include my own readings for the topic you were trying to read on, in addition to giving you your card interpretation document, I can do that. Please use the "Tip Amount" section below; one tip payment for each extra reading or follow-up clarification message.

Interpretation: 1~3 Cards »

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Interpretation: 4~6 Cards »

Etsy Fiverr Psychics Help

Interpretation: 7~10 Cards »

Etsy Fiverr Psychics Help

Interpretation: 11~15 Cards »

Etsy Fiverr Psychics Help

Interpretation: 16~20 Cards »

Etsy Fiverr Psychics Help

Interpretation: 21~30 Cards »

Etsy Fiverr Psychics Help

Add-On Reading or Post-Delivery Further Clarification »

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Japanese Translation Service (From English) Japanese Translation Service (From English)
I will translate any English text to Japanese, from personal e-mails to bigger projects like video game transcripts. This work will include editing and proofreading from me. For work that is over 5,000 words, contact me to confirm delivery times and availability.

It is even better if you already had a machine translate your writing, and then I proofread and fix things up. I know Japanese can be a trickier language for many, and even if a machine translation is completely correct grammatically, it could still be incorrect in terms of a character's personality and impression. This is why hiring a translator can help.

Contact Me:
Please first confirm my availability and whether I am interested in the work offer. E-mail me at with the document(s) attached. Send the file(s) in .doc, .docx, .odt, or .txt format. If the writing is less than 2,000 words, you can copy and paste it into the e-mail body.

For video game projects made in RPG Maker game engine, please give me direct access to work on your full game directly via the engine editor. I prefer to efficiently work with in-game text directly in the engine, and no longer accept proofreading requests without direct in-engine access. I own the licenses for these RPG Maker PC engines: 2000, 2003, XP, VX, VX Ace, MV, and MZ. I also have the licenses for SRPG Studio, RPG Paper Maker, and Pixel Game Maker MV.

By Word Count:
Extra Words:
** For +12,000 words (for example), adjust the Quantity in the cart. **
By Hour:

Experienced Proofreading and Editing Services (English) Experienced Proofreading and Editing Services (English)
I can professionally proofread and edit any English writing. You can choose between paying by word count and paying by hour. I also offer proofreading and editing work for native English professors and speakers. If you are a professional proofreader and think your writing is good, then I might can make it better. For work that is over 5,000 words, contact me to confirm delivery times and availability.
I can accept work for:
— quicker checks (e.g., text messages, lines of messages sent to colleagues and friends)
— e-mails (e.g., personal e-mails, business and marketing e-mails)
— letters (e.g., cover letters, personal statement letters, personal letters for friends)
— short stories
— flash fiction
— children's books
— novels
— films, plays, and other scripts
— comic books and graphic novels
— articles and blog posts
— websites
— ghostwriting
— documents (e.g., essays, research papers, thesis papers and dissertations)
— video game projects

Contact Me:
Please first confirm my availability and whether I am interested in the work offer. E-mail me at with the document(s) attached. Send the file(s) in .doc, .docx, .odt, or .txt format. If the writing is less than 2,000 words, you can copy and paste it into the e-mail body.

By Word Count:
Basic ($5 USD) Proofreading and Editing for Very Short Writing
I will proofread and edit your content up to 500 words. Additional words available at extra costs; it is $5 extra for an additional 500 words.

Standard ($10 USD) Proofreading and Editing for Short Writing
I will proofread and edit your content up to 1000 words. Additional words available at extra costs; it is $10 extra for an additional 1000 words.

Premium ($30 USD) Proofreading and Editing for Larger Projects
I will proofread and edit your content up to 5000 words. Additional words available at extra costs; it is $15 extra for an additional 1000 words.

By Hour:
$25/hour (USD) Proofreading and Editing by Hour
I proofread and edit your content by the number of hours I work.

By Word Count:
Extra Words:
** For +12,000 words (for example), adjust the Quantity in the cart. **
By Hour:

Postal Mail Mystery Surprise Handwritten Psychic Reading Postal Mail Mystery Surprise Handwritten Psychic Reading
In this offer, I will send you your reading HANDWRITTEN to your house by post office air mail delivery. This can be a blind "surprise me!" reading, which means you don't need to send any questions. But if you want the blind reading to be more geared toward a specific situation or concern, include it in your order. Otherwise... ask any question you want, including fictional topics. I usually use both my psychic abilities and cards for this reading. YOU WILL RECEIVE: a handwritten reading I mail to you by post! I might also write a personal letter or postcard to you. I will send your mailing from Taiwan. You will not see your reading until after you open the mailing with your own hands. In the envelope or parcel, I may draw art or include knick-knacks like doodles, candy, snacks, stickers, etc. If it's for a special occasion like your birthday or a holiday like Christmas, I may make this a birthday or holidays mailing (e.g. Xmas card with the reading as a separate letter inside the envelope). Comes with tracking number by default, but if you don't want tracking for certain reasons, I can send it by pure air mail.

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VIP Doggie Reads Tarot Cards For You | Probably VERY Accurate(?) | Like Maybe Gifted With Psychic Abilities VIP Doggie Reads Tarot Cards For You | Probably VERY Accurate(?) | Like Maybe Gifted With Psychic Abilities
Do you have TRUST issues with human being creature things? Do you distrust earthling creatoores like friends, family, psychic tarot reader advisors, etc. when they says "I am non-judgemental, I really don't judge, etc. etc. etc." and den youu tell secretz sensitive thing and then yoo are somehow unconscioously judged in the end anywayz? Have youz felt so lonely and sick of talking with hoomanz and/or just can't trust peoples anymooores? Or maybe like no hooman out there yoo can fully trust? *wiggles tail* Don't worry, you have me, the legendary Doggie, to confide too and get reading from, when ALL hopes is lost! Humman beings verrry complicated and sucks, but Doggie good dog. Doggie loyal. (Even when yoo don't have trust issooes, you can still get reading from me, of coorse. Doggie is here to HELP! *wiggles tail*) This listing is for a TAROT READING from me, the Doggie. *wiggles tail*

Me name is Bon, the GREAT Doggie, now typing this description thingies when human(?) creature thing kiyasu (<-- me owner and best freendz *wiggles tail*) like NOT looking and secretly me want to conquer her Etsy shop. I am a good dog. I am VIP and I am cool. Please give me good food. *lies down and rests* Dog life so gooood. *wiggles tail*

It is said that me the GREAT doggie bring ppl goood lucks and fortuen and prosperity etc. etc. etc. When me owner kiyasu takes me out, unexpected goood thing happen more. I have good energies and I have spiritool connections and soul bond with me owner. I have also lived in other planets before I came to Earth to live with kiyasu since 2011. I also send e-mails when owner not looking. Me like hooman home and me owner give me good high class royal grand VIP ultimate super delicious ultra delluxe DELUCIOIUS FOOD. Me is good quality doggie and me is best doggie in whole universe and world.

kiyasoo says like if you see a Doggie (that is ME and me ONLY, and NO other dogz), it is like good omen and properity boon sign thing. Some legends(?) say like me have special energies to brighten up days. And of course, some says I am so cute and adorable, but I think more like I am God creature and spirit animal thing. *wiggles tails* I also look like fox and can jump like fox or cat and I am swift and I have ninja speeds sometimes. I am the ONLY great doggie on Earth who can do this, and this is very original listing and I've been doing these kind of things when kiyasu not looookings since 2011, so NO copying my service idea because I am cool and me shoudl be only one doing this kind of things, and this is like © copyrights Kiyasu Oka Bon the Doggie. And me just want to conquer and own kiyasu's shop (sort of) when she NOT looking. *wiggles tail* IS COPY AND PASTE FROM OWNER'S SHOP BECUZ LAZY ME COOL, SO YOU CAN GET IDEA OF MAYBE FORMAT OF ME READINGZ WHICH IS KIND OF SIMILARS. LOOOOOOK!: photo of the cards with written text reading of at least 500 characters per topic or question. I will use as many cards as I want (no card limit).

eBay Etsy Fiverr Psychics Help
Save Money (VIP Readings Retainer Subscription) SAVE MONEY | Own Pacing | VIP Membership Subscription | Readings Retainer
Save money for multiple readings, INCLUDING any reading that is SOLD OUT here and in other places like Reserve and/or pick your readings any time you want within your selected time period; you don't need to have them decided yet. You can also completely gift all slots to a friend or someone else. Also good for if the person you are gifting your reading slot(s) to, isn't comfortable spending money on readings, never had a reading, etc. With your readings retainer subscription, you can give them free readings to show them what my readings are like or help them with their life. YOU WILL RECEIVE: at least ten (10) slots of free readings listings and a link to a Google document that will be updated for you along the way for you to keep track of your reserved readings and slots. The "10 Listings/1 Month" means you get ten (10) free readings listings within one month of purchase, and "10 Listings/2 Months" means you get ten (10) free readings listings within a two-month period.

You can pick any reading I offer on this site,,, and except for the postal mail reading. Feel free to pick as many repeats as you want. Simply contact me and let me know which reading(s) from my shop. Each spot is counted by the QUANTITY COUNT of LISTINGS in the same way the readings would be if they were added to your shopping cart. So, if a listing already contains two readings within one LISTING QUANTITY COUNT in itself, it is counted as one reading slot for this subscription. Tip payments and "pay what you want" follow-up clarity messages purchases at also count as one slot per follow-up clarification message tip payment.

**NOTE: This subscription does NOT include the faster delivery times like "Same Day (24 Hours)" and "Within 12 Hours" deliveries, but the VIP subscription does make you able to get readings from me that are "SOLD OUT" here and at It also makes it possible for me to be willing to read for you when I go on vacation or close down my shop. You can also use a subscription slot for custom work such as readings that don't exist in my shop. If you want faster delivery times while being a VIP, simply use the Mystery Surprise section or to tip the needed difference.

For example: you reserve a $8 Two Questions Reading in one slot, but you want "Within 12 Hours" delivery (which makes the listing become $17 instead). Then, all you need to do is use my tip jar to tip $9 difference for this particular listing. You tip the needed difference every time a specific listing slot needs a faster delivery. On top of this, every tip payment will yield bonuses (e.g., mystery surprises like artwork I draw or something else like an extra card), so you get more than you would if you had directly purchased faster delivery times within the original listing without a VIP subscription.

Total Number of Listings/Within Time Period:
1. If you didn't use all the slots up or if you didn't use any of your slots and then your subscription period ends, they are NOT redeemable and no refunds will be given... no matter what reason it is. You will have to get another new subscription from me if you want more spots to use. If I go on leave or vacation during when your subscription is present, you will receive an extended two (2) days to your subscription period for each day I am away.
2. One-time payment for the month(s) selected below. To continue after the subscription period is over, you need to manually rebuy this listing. If you want more readings within the month(s) or a longer time to use same slots, buy multiple quantities at once.
3. After purchase, please e-mail me at with: a name (or alias), topic or situation, your wishes, the context, and the LISTING(S) you want to reserve. I will send you a personalized Google document link with your subscription details.

eBay Etsy Fiverr Psychics Help

LEGAL: No refunds and cancellations. If you make a mistake purchase, you can exchange it for another item or service in my shop. I do not cancel any orders. All readings are for entertainment purposes. (My readings are usually not, but by law, I kind of always have to state that psychic work is for "entertainment purposes only.")


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