Here I can draw a picture for you in my style.

Character Portrait - $250 USD

Here I can personally draw a picture of a character or two for you. The Gallery has more samples of my work. The price is $250 USD for one picture.

The picture I draw for you will be approximately 10.5cm×15cm (4.1″×5.9″) or 15cm×10.5cm (5.9″×4.1″). The shipping cost is free.

  1. I will only draw one or two characters in each picture. I don't draw portraits from photos.
  2. If I confirm that I am interested, I will not offer refunds or cancellations.
  3. I will not share the picture(s) with anyone. I will also not say anything like this: "I am working on a picture for someone now."

First, send an e-mail to kiyasu☆ with the subject of Drawing services. Replace the in my e-mail address with an @.

In your e-mail, tell me the information I need to know. I will only reply if I am interested. Then, you send the payment to me by PayPal.

Please contact me only when you are ready. If I tell you that I am interested, then I want the payment within 48 hours of my confirmation.