Welcome to Kiyasu Green!

This site is the home page of the professional illustrator and designer: Kiyasu Oka.

I once worked on helping defend the innocence of the former president of Taiwan, from October 2015 to April 2016, as if it were the only thing in life I am passionate about... and the only thing I would wake up and go to bed thinking about ^^;

This eventually led me to write an article and piece of writing called "Taiwan is my Country."

The article took me three months to write. ^^;

At that time, I would wake up, spend the day, and go to bed thinking about and working on writing my article... for three months! ^^;

Fortunately, my article on Taiwan received praise and support from all kinds of people (professors, lawyers, scholars, students, entreprenuers, journalists, artists, etc) around the world.

I hope that you can read Taiwan is my Country. I have never written any piece of writing that would receive so many positive responses from so many different kinds of people from around the world!

I hope you can enjoy your time on my Web site, whether that is looking at my illustration work or reading my articles! I hope that at least either my artwork or my Taiwan page will make your world different and brighter, after seeing or reading it!

~ Kiyasu Oka

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I wrote the code of this site. No matter whether you use a browser version from 2001 or whether you use a version from 2019, this site works and loads properly. This is what I call a timeless site.