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My name is Kiyasu Oka (first name is Kiyasu), and I am a Taiwanese living in Taipei, Taiwan. I am a full-time professional illustrator and entrepreneur.

Why I Don't and Won't Do It. ~~ The Courage to Live Consciously ~~ is an article where I talk about my deepest secrets and thoughts I once thought would be impossible for me to share with anyone else! Now I am sharing them directly and openly on my site, and I hope people will benefit from my wisdom(?) on love and marriage, NOT owning a "smart" phone, business success, NOT using any of the "polite forms" in the Japanese language, entrepreneurship and leaving a legacy, becoming younger as I age, and so much more!!

Articles I wrote:

It is SO annoying when people seem to assume that I am so-called "into politics." I never was, and I never really understood anything that happens in the news, either. SO many people seem to assume that my articles are so-called "about politics" or so-called "related to politics," and it bothers me very much that people would blindly think that!! They are FAR from EVEN being CLOSE to being so-called "politics"!!

I am only some person who sort of grew up being scared about how people don't really understand that Taiwan is a country, and someone who is sharing my personal feelings about it. In some sense, I grew up being the only one who didn't really understand anything about political parties because this is "too adult"-ish for me. As an adult myself now, I STILL think this is "too adult"-ish.

When I learned about what happened to Chen Shui-Bian in 2015, I ended up becoming very passionate about his innocence. I accidentally learned about certain things that are often discussed in politics for Taiwan, as I became focused on sharing with the world that he is innocent. I was only being a detective and defense attorney to find out the truth about someone's innocence, finding out that he is suffering from illnesses, and taking care of him like a doctor. I never even THOUGHT that this was even CLOSE to being so-called "politics."

If a friend of yours suffers some kind of injustice personally or becomes ill, and then you start to help defend them and take care of them, would you even call this politics?

If your friend is dying, would you like it if you ask for help, and the person blindly doesn't want to do anything to help you because they somehow decided that what you are doing is "politics"?

Just because the person I am caring for happens to be a former president of Taiwan, people seem to NOT be able to understand something that is SO SIMPLE any more. Sometimes I am VERY SCARED of the brains of people in this world.

I also STILL find it very strange that people would actually think that my Taiwan article is related to so-called "politics." Like, how? WHY do people SO easily think it is related to "politics"?! That is SO strange!! I DON'T feel ANY politics-like feelings when I read it!! Everything ELSE I find on-line about Taiwan being a country, they DO have a very politics-like feeling when I read them!

But MY Taiwan article doesn't!! AT ALL!!

I grew up thinking that Taiwan is a country and it is probably common sense. I didn't even KNOW that there was this "politics" thing that I never paid attention to!! Like, whatever this "politics" thing is, was only something that is "too adult"-ish for me to understand, and I have NO IDEA what people were talking about when they talk about politics! When people spoke about "too adult"-ish stuff, I felt as if I were listening to some alien language. And that when I ran into people who DIDN'T think that Taiwan is a country, I became shocked and scared, and felt this maybe one-second-like feeling and would maybe want to run away and cry in a corner... because I was too scared of "too adult"-ish people. It was all TOO SCARY for me. And I STILL felt this way even in college!! Like, these people CANNOT understand things that are SO SIMPLE... for some reason.

But it felt as if they had some scary power...

... And I was SO scared.

I STILL did NOT really know that saying "Taiwan is a country" would be seen as "politics" by many others, and suffered from not knowing why, and didn't even know I was suffering. I would probably get into situations where I thought the person was either "cruel," "dumb," or "too adult" or something... and not know the deeper truth.

When you say "America is a country" or "Japan is a country," would you even call that "politics"?

I do the EXACT same thing for Taiwan and then decided to mention more information about the country, and then people somehow automatically assume that this is so-called "politics." And worse is that when I try to explain that this is NOTHING related to politics AT ALL, people are completely blind and deaf and just don't understand at all!

Just because I happened to mention many things that are discussed in politics, it DOESN'T MEAN that I am talking about anything related to it!!

I really wonder about people's brains in this world. Their sense for Basic Logic and Reasoning as well. I am VERY scared of people's deep brainwashing.

- Kiyasu Oka on June 19th, 2019 (Wednesday)